Countryside Living Redmond is serving Central and Eastern Oregon. Our focus will continue to be on our specialized strengths and care for all of our residents, as well as on our high standards for comfortable, home-style living within a small community. CSL Redmond, with its nearly 17,000 square feet of living area, offers space for 35 residents, a large dining area and activity spaces, as well as family gathering areas to accommodate our residents’ visitors.

Located in the heart of Central Oregon, our Redmond facility offers our residents many of the benefits of high desert living – over 300 days of sunshine per year, spectacular views of the Cascade mountains, and many opportunities to enjoy the out-of-doors. In and around Redmond, there are a multitude of parks to explore, scenic vistas to take in, and a recently revitalized downtown area that focuses strongly on a sense of community, with farmer’s markets, art shows, and open-air concerts to enjoy.

Redmond’s June Calendar